Understanding Business Tourism: Part 1 – What’s It All About?

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Business Tourism in Ireland – What’s it all about?

In its crudest form it’s like telling your holiday stories to people who actually want to listen! Discussing our regions and destinations and how best to sell them, is at the crux of what we do in business tourism. I’ve been working with Cork Convention Bureau for 8 years now and still love every minute of it – ok not every minute – not always when meeting clients on a Saturday night when you want to be at home with family and friends, but close enough. I am fortunate enough to get to experience some of the most stunning parts of Cork. A typical client site inspection can include a visit to the English market to taste oysters before 10am, or out in Cork Harbour meeting dolphins and all the time working with fantastic, committed hoteliers and suppliers and encouraging them to showcase the best of their product to win that piece of business.

So I thought – why not scribble down a few musings from time to time. Might make for some bedtime reading if you’ve had your fill of re-tweeting or Peaky Blinders. I can’t say they’ll be good, but if people start to embarrassingly avoid me on the street I can put an end to this, as Fleetwood Mac said, with ‘no questions asked.’


Recently we battled through the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia to ‘connect’ with potential buyers in our industry. Connect17 is Ireland’s first exhibition showcase for our industry. It’s the brainchild of Nicola McGrane who ‘had a dream’ and that dream was to create an event where all of the suppliers to the events industry in Ireland could present their offerings to the ever-discerning meeting planner.

Cork Convention Bureau rounded up 16 of our hotel and venue members and once we were all well versed on why we are the greatest, we took our place at the Connect17 Cork stand. Over 2 days we met with buyers to convince them to make Cork their next option for that live event, association conference or high end incentive trip. We hope to see the fruits of our efforts very soon.

Huge “thank you” to our wonderful trade partners who joined us at Connect17 to help make Cork such an amazing location for #EventProfs and #MeetingProfs and to give their clients the ultimate experience. Also huge thanks to our stakeholders who continue to support us and believe in us. See a full list of valued stakeholders at www.corkconventionbureau.com/about-us/

If you have an international conference, meeting or incentive travel event that you think would be a good fit for Cork, get in touch and we can discuss how Cork Convention Bureau can support you. ‘Pure Cork – a pure haven!’

Evelyn O’Sullivan
Manager – Cork Convention Bureau

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